It is important to note that Future Generation Kiosks are designed and manufactured with safety in mind. Great care is taken from the design stage, to minimise any risk of injury resulting from normal prudent use of the equipment. Some of the most important considerations are detailed below.

Mechanical Safety

The kiosk enclosures are robust in design and constructed from medium gauge powder coated steel.
To prevent serious injuries resulting from an accident, all exposed edges and corners have radiuses to a minimum of 10mm.


Electrical Safety

To prevent accidents from electric shock, the kiosks are designed with the minimum amount of mains electrical wiring in the kiosk enclosures.

In some designs, such as the I-Touch v33 glass kiosk, there is no internal mains electrical wiring at all. This is achieved by the mains electricity being supplied directly to the PC power supply, and all of the internal components being supplied with low voltage from the PC’s power supply.

Where internal mains electricity distribution is required, it is achieved by the use of moulded mains power cables and a single distribution sockets block. There are no exposed internal connections used for mains electricity, in any of our kiosk designs.


Attention has been given to all the enclosure’s sub-components. They are designed to be modular and easy to assemble. This makes retrofits an easy and viable option.

Functional Testing

All completely assembled kiosks are tested for functional compliance against the set of criteria that is relevant to the configuration.

Safety Testing

All kiosk enclosures are PAT tested for safety as part of our standard assembly and testing procedures. This ensures electrical safety of each unit.

CE compliance

All of our kiosks are designed to be CE compliant. This is achieved by only integrating specific components chosen for their high quality and CE compliance. The two main components are the fully compliant 3M (MicroTouch) touch-screen

and the PC system which are integrated into a kiosk enclosure without any intrinsic functionality. The same rules are observed when integrating additional optional components such as keyboards, printers etc.


Safety and security consideration is also given to the installation of the kiosk units. Although they are designed to be free standing, they all have provision for secure or semi-secure fixing.


Because the Future Generation kiosks are non-proprietary in design, internal safety considerations are just as important. We have endeavoured to minimise the risk of accident or injury to any persons conducting routine maintenance in a prudent manner. However, we would recommend that only qualified personnel should be allowed to carry out advanced maintenance.


We maintain a comprehensive database of every kiosk manufactured with testing dates, results and relationships to individual records of each sub-component integrated. Comprehensive search routines would allow us to identify any batch of sub-components and where they were used, should there be a need to issue updates or information.

Future Generation certifies that any kiosk unit manufactured by Future Generation,
and baring the Future Generation serial number and CE mark label with a valid serial number and date of manufacture, has passed all of our assembly and safety testing criteria.

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Designed with safety in mind

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